Cyber security at home and in the office: Secure your devices, computers, and networks (ITSAP.00.007)

With the increase in remote work, we rely on numerous devices and our ability to connect to the Internet for work and personal reasons. However, cyber threat actors take advantage of our reliance on technology. Protect yourself by taking stock of all the technology you use, including your mobile and smart devices, computers, and Wi‑Fi networks. By knowing what you have, you can prioritize your security efforts and put the right safeguards in place. Not sure where to start? The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) has advice and guidance products for you, and we have curated a selection of these products below.

Our devices are our lifelines for pretty much everything. We use them from the moment we wake up until we get into bed. Our home appliances, watches and even our home thermostats and security systems are connected to the Internet. With so much reliance on our phones, it’s no wonder that threat actors look to them as primary targets to acquire personal information to commit crimes like identity theft. Fortunately, you can prevent threat actor attempts by taking some simple steps to enhance your security.

In a world where seemingly everything contains or can be operated by a smart device, how do you know you’re keeping your personal information personal? Threat actors are able to crack these devices because they are plentiful, they are connected to the Internet, and often times, they are not as secure as they could be. Some of your devices do not have the same computing power as a desktop or laptop, and therefore are more vulnerable to threat actors. Getting familiar with your privacy settings on your devices, ensuring you use unique and complex passphrases or passwords, and using multi-factor authentication on your accounts are steps you can take to defend against potential cyberattacks.


We need our laptops and PCs to complete functions that our smart devices do not perform as well. To keep your devices functioning properly and avoid compromising your information, ensure you have implemented security measures to keep them and the information they hold safe from cyber threats.


Network devices, like routers and modems, are the bread and butter of your Internet access and device use. It’s easy to forget about the devices are the gatekeepers to our connected devices, and they need to be secured.

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