The Cyber Centre recognizes that when we work together, we can make Canada stronger and more resilient against cyber threats than we could individually.

One way that the Cyber Centre contributes to improving the cyber security ecosystem is by releasing some of its cyber defence tools to the open source community.

Most software of a similar nature is proprietary to a company and not available to the software development community.

Cyber Centre tools available for download

Cyber Security Audit Program

Cyber Security Audit Program

The Cyber Security Audit Program is part of a series of free tools for auditors to use to assess the cyber security status of their organizations.

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Assemblyline is a malware detection and analysis tool developed by the Cyber Centre and released to the cyber security community in October 2017.

Harmonized Risk Assessment

Harmonized Risk Assessment Methodology

The Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment Methodology is a set of tools designed to address all assets, employees, and services at risk. These are ready for integration with project management methodologies and system development life cycles to meet management needs for responsive solutions at both strategic and operational levels.

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