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About us

What we do

The Cyber Centre’s Academic Outreach and Engagement team works with universities, colleges, educational associations, education ministerial boards and private sector educators to build cyber security talent and capacity in Canada. Our mission is to ensure Canada is a global leader in cyber security by elevating cyber education.

The Academic Outreach and Engagement team works with the educators to enhance the community's understanding of cyber security. We have expertise and knowledge that can assist educational institutions as they include cyber security in their programs, enabling them to create leading-edge programs and courses.

Why we do it

Canadians live their lives online and are linked into technology from birth—they study and work in an online world. Protecting ourselves and our information from malicious cyber actors is now an essential life skill. To ensure success, the approach educators use to teach cyber skills must evolve and bend with the times and emerging needs. Academic Outreach and Engagement is ready to support this critical role in future-proofing Canada through education.

How we do it

Our goal in Academic Outreach and Engagement is to work with educators to ensure graduates enter the workforce with the skills to research, design, build and maintain Canadian systems.

We want to increase the number of graduates with knowledge of cyber security best practices across all disciplines, including both technical and non-technical fields of study. We want to better prepare graduates for life online and create a robust cyber security workforce.

We help academia determine which capabilities are needed in the workforce and generate the courses and programs to address these gaps. This in turn builds Canadian intellectual capacity in areas of national importance, and addresses current and future cyber security workforce requirements.


Program advisory committee participation

The Academic Outreach and Engagement team regularly sits on program advisory committees for publicly-funded post-secondary institutions. Cyber Centre employees can bring a wealth of specialized professional knowledge to help ensure students receive a practical education that readies them to meet the demands of today’s workplace and the expectations of employers. We are aware of industry trends and labour market needs in the field of cyber security. As subject-matter experts, we are well-positioned to advise institutions about enhancing existing programs or creating new ones to advance the skills, graduation rates, and success of students.

Cyber security curriculum review

Cyber security skills are in short supply, and as such academic institutions across Canada have recognized this shortage and are launching new cyber security programs and courses. To ensure their programs are designed to produce the highly skilled professionals the industry demands, close collaboration with the cyber security community is a must.

The Academic Outreach team is working with academic institutions at all levels to increase and improve the quality of cyber security education across Canada. Our board of CSE experts from a wide variety of backgrounds can provide valuable practical and technical guidance on your school’s cyber security curriculum.

By conducting a comprehensive review of your Cyber Security program or course, we will:

  • identify gaps and recommend actions to address those gaps
  • ensure courses provide the foundation – technical and non-technical– for a successful career in cyber security
  • ensure the skills and concepts taught meet the industry’s current and future needs
  • ensure a program aligns with the Workforce development and curriculum guide: contact to learn more
  • ensure a program appeals to a diverse group of students
  • ensure consistency with other leading programs from around the world
  • provide advice on career pathways

Together we can help ensure Canada develops a workforce with the right skills and expertise to keep our country cyber secure.

If your Canadian academic institution is developing a cyber security program, or need advice on an existing program or course, please contact to learn more about how we can help.


Certifications in the field of cyber security

With the increasing need for cyber security professionals, the value of IT certification is also increasing. The right certification can give you an advantage over other job candidates. This guide highlights some of the more in-demand, globally recognized certifications that are available for prospective students and cyber security professionals.

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Post-secondary cyber security related programs guide

Find out where to go to school to start your career in cyber security.

Cyber security career guide

Are you a student considering a career in cyber security? Our Cyber Security Career Guide will give you insight into why cyber security is one of today’s most in-demand fields and provides information on the different types of jobs available, career pathways, and training and education options. There hasn’t been a better time to pursue a career in cyber security than right now!

Find out more about the Cyber Security Career Guide: contact


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