Education and community

At the Cyber Centre, we contribute directly to the cyber security community by educating Canadians and working directly with our partners. By helping Canadians develop and improve their skills and knowledge, we can build a more cyber secure Canada.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub offers courses on basic, advanced and specialized topics in cyber security for employees of the Government of Canada and those who work on systems of importance to the Government of Canada

Cyber Centre Learning Hub - Fostering Excellence in Cyber Security


GetCyberSafe is a national public awareness campaign educating Canadians about cyber security and the steps they can take to protect themselves online. This is the Cyber Centre's source of advice and guidance for those new to cyber security, as well as the general public.


Academic Outreach and Engagement

The Cyber Centre’s Academic Outreach and Engagement team works with the academic community on a number of fronts to examine cyber security gaps and to build an understanding of where cyber security is headed.

Cyber security events

The Cyber Centre regularly hosts and participates in events aimed at all audiences that highlight the importance of cyber security.

Request a Speaker

Our cyber security experts are in high demand. We don’t operate a speakers' bureau at this time, but if you’d like to submit a request to have someone speak at your event, please send us the information on this form. Download and submit it to for consideration. *Accessibility Notice

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