Next edition: GeekWeek 9 – Animating cyber security

Event date: May 29 to June 7, 2024

What is GeekWeek?

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    On screen text: What’s GeekWeek? GeekWeek is a workshop organized by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.

    It brings together key players in cyber security to develop solutions to vital problems faced by the industry.

    Each year, various topics are tackled, from car hacking to honeypot design to malware tracking.

    Projects are led by Team Leads and projects under the same topic are led by Guild Leads.

    At the end of the event, Guild Leads present the work accomplished on their topic through these various projects.

    You may know about the 5-second rule…We have our 15-minute rule!

    Stuck on anything for 15 minutes?

    Ask around! Let’s make the best of our time together.

    Our projects are open-sourced, meaning collaboration in the GeekWeek community continues throughout the year.

    GeekWeek is an invitation-only event.

    Were you invited? Complete the application form in the invitation!

    As spots are limited, only selected applicants will be able to register.

    If you did not get an invitation, but are interested, contact us at

    On screen text: GeekWeek

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GeekWeek is an annual unclassified workshop organized by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre). It brings together key players in the field of cyber security to generate solutions to vital problems facing the industry.

GeekWeek is an opportunity for representatives from critical incident response teams, critical infrastructure partners (government, finance, health, etc.), academia, and international cyber security partners to collaborate in new ways and improve the overall cyber security landscape.

Since the first edition in 2014, GeekWeek has delivered over 80 projects that have contributed to major innovations in the fields of malware analysis and detection, cyber health, network traffic and log analysis, and many more.


Why attend GeekWeek

Participants attending GeekWeek at the Cyber Centre will benefit from:

  • a unique environment of knowledgeable cyber experts to address concerns and challenges within the community
  • access to advanced tools and millions of samples of spam emails, malware, and analysis reports
  • an increased awareness of resources and solutions currently available to cyber security professionals
  • opportunities to advance new ideas, innovative solutions and information sharing
  • an increased collaboration and information sharing between partners
  • networking possibilities with a community of cyber security experts and development of professional relationships
  • a better understanding of challenges faced by peers in the industry


GeekWeek has produced innovations and advances in the following areas:

  • Malware detection
  • Spam and log analysis
  • Mobile malware analysis systems
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Tools and techniques to detect cyber threats
  • Information sharing technologies and standards
  • Cyber sovereignty/geographic data flows
  • Cyber health and forecasts
  • Botnet traffic analysis
  • Hardening of IoT devices
  • Industrial control systems assessment
  • Fly-away kit/laptops
  • Enforcement processes
  • Automated malware analysis


geekweek paraphernalia

GeekWeek was established when the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (now part of the Cyber Centre) identified a need to foster stronger collaboration within the cyber security community. The solution-oriented workshop was created to be an environment where participants work together on projects that drive innovation in cyber security.

With very modest aspirations, the first edition captured the attention and interest of both federal and industry organizations with triple the expected number of attendees. Since then, the event has grown from a simple 3-day workshop to a full 9-day event investigating over 20 projects.

Every GeekWeek welcomes more than 200 national and international participants who collectively work nearly 18,000 working hours researching, developing and implementing new and innovative ideas. That’s the equivalent of 9 employees working full-time for a year!

Learn more

For more information about GeekWeek, please contact the Cyber Centre.

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