There continues to be a growing demand for qualified cyber security professionals and practitioners in Canada and around the world. With the increasing need for cyber security professionals, the need for cyber security-based curricula is also increasing. The right skills and knowledge can give you an advantage over other job candidates. Organizations are looking for talent with superior training and real-world experience.

The resources package for teachers is a valuable tool for teachers and professors to engage students in cyber security content and help them learn about new innovations, tools, and resources they could use to further their knowledge and skills in STEM. It has a list of resources coming from government, industry, and private sector that offer a form of complimentary training and information to further knowledge and skills in STEM including cyber security for students in all levels.


The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) was officially launched in October 2018. The Cyber Centre’s Academic Outreach and Engagement team works with universities, colleges, educational associations, education ministerial boards and private sector educators to build cyber security talent and capacity in Canada. The team also works with educators to enhance the community’s understanding of cyber security. Its mission is to ensure Canada is a global leader in cyber security by elevating cyber education.


The primary audience for this guide is teachers or professors who are either starting to teach or enhance their current cyber security and information technology-based curriculum. This guide will also benefit students who are looking to access more cyber security resources if they are interested in pursuing cyber security as well.

The Cyber Centre and the Communications Security Establishment do not endorse or recommend any of the resources listed in this document. Information provided is only intended to be a general summary of publicly available information.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information, however, due to the dynamic nature of cyber security, this package will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it reflects the most current resources. New resources and other suggested changes can be submitted by email to

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