Focused Cyber Security Advice and Guidance During COVID-19



The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be an extremely disruptive event, affecting all components of society. The IT world is not immune. The pandemic has forced both public and private sectors to rethink how, when, and where work is performed. Traditional models of office versus home-based work environments have been completely inverted; in many cases, most employees are now working remotely. This inversion has caused IT management, implementers, and clients to scramble to adapt to a new way of working. Unfortunately, this rapid transformation presents both new and unique opportunities for threat actors to take advantage of. The entire IT hierarchy, from management to client, must be made explicitly aware of this fact and take every precaution possible.

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) has created a valuable collection of advice and guidance products, many of which are now more relevant than ever. To assist you during this disruptive time, we curated a selection of our products and organized them by area of interest. We hope this helps, and, as always, we are here to assist you whenever possible. You may find our complete list of guidance products at:


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